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The Eye of Ramalach 151: Awful Timing by avencri
The Eye of Ramalach 151: Awful Timing

Hello everyone!!

Not much to say this time around. Been rather busy this month with more family stuff and having some serious trouble keeping up with my sleep schedule. Breen trying some herbal teas, not eating after 8:00 pm and a lot ot other stuff. It works for a week or so but suddenly i spent a whole night unable to sleep and that messes my metabolism again. Not sure what to do… i got this from my mother but both of my sisters can sleep like a rock with no issues. Sort of envy them.

Other than that, well apparently i am going to spend a whole month alone at my place since my sister is moving away for a 30 days to the capital of the country due to work. And while i really appreciate having my privacy, i am sort of nervous at the same time.

On a comic related issue, i am REALLY happy to be formarly introducing Jane to the webcomic. For those that are not aware, she is one of my favourite and oldest characters. She is one of the protagonists of the story that happens before The Eye of Ramalach and i am thrilled to have her around now, even if her role is going to be very different. I have told friends before that i am afraid of not properly portraying her as close as to what i have in my head. Friends have told me i should not worry since i am the one that actually knows her well, but i can’t help but to feel nervous about it. Is it silly?

Thanks for reading everyone!

You can read the webcomic here!

You can follow my Patreon here!!

Beach Sees-ters by avencri
Beach Sees-ters
A little doodle after i finished working on the new page of The Eye. Alex and Mayte.... who seems to still having the curse of the falliing ice cream. XD
The Eye of Ramalach 150: It's Gonna Cost You by avencri
The Eye of Ramalach 150: It's Gonna Cost You

Read the new page here!!

I just realized…. this is page 150!! That is a big landmark for me!

As you know, my story with this webcomic has been long and full of ups and downs. I started it as a fun sideproject while i was still a student in college. 3 years of college including the time i lost my scholarship and realized i wasn’t as smart as i always believed i was. A whole year of being unable to find a job. 3 shitty jobs where i ended up being stuck for a while. 2 separate muggings, one in which i lost my laptop where i worked all my projects. The deaths of both of my paternal grandparents, loosing one of my favorite aunts to cancer. Finding wonderful new pets and learning more about their care. Also my 4 years working at the newspaper in which even if i struggled a bit i loved every moment of working there. Also my best friend leaving for Canada to study animation, miss him a lot. Finding the girl i loved and loosing her along the way. A lot of things have happened.

I know that 150 pages may seem too little to some (specially if they compare me to other comics on this site) but for me, it is a very huge landmark!

Thanks for reading the webcomic! You got no idea how much that means to someone like me.

Let’s get to the 200 page landmark!

You can read the webcomic here!

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The pride of the huntress: 11 by avencri
The pride of the huntress: 11

Read the webcomic here!!!

I would really appreciate if you can reblog this comic update to spread the word about it! It means the world to me! =D

Well… Sitala sure wants to leave a mark i think. XD

Anyways, i will be out for a couple of days back at my hometown. Mom is getting her cast removed tomorrow so i got to drive her around town for her appointment with the doctor.

Also, i finally had the cable company come and replace the faulty modem i had. My WiFi was intermitente so i had between 12 adn 20 disconnections per day. Which made streaming art  really hard for me ever since i learned that for each of my disconnections my followers recieved a new email from Picarto noticing them that i was starting a new streaming session… i felt bad and i haven’t streamed for a while to avoid spamming the inboxes due to my crappy service. That should be fixed now.

Thanks for reading! =D

Support the webcomic by reading it here!

Support my Patreon here!

Annie by avencri
It was Jeso’s birthday some days ago so i did a little something for him.

Just so everyone knows… Annie’s current design is quite different from the last pieces he posted of her and since i didn’t have those references i had to draw her based on the last images he posted of her. XD


Hello everyone. It took me a bit but i got several news.

This particular update this huge because it is actually two weeks worth of content that i had to set back due to a whole set of reasons that messed up the schedule of my comics. Working on a newspaper you prepare notes in advance, but then you got really important news that come out of nowhere (they basically caught THE drug leader in Mexico) and then you get another death in your family. I had to leave everything aside and travel back to my hometown to help my parents with all the funerary plans. Anyways, i made a huge page with the content of the lost week to make up for it.

In other very important news. I have also opened a Patreon account for The Eye of Ramalach:

The account is set  based on my comic updates, not on a monthly basis. So the whole funding will only be received after i post an update of The Eye of Ramalach. Which is now set up to be a bi monthly comic. This basically means that The Eye will be posted every two weeks from now on.

As you can see, the new updates of Tina of the South have been set up as a milestone within the site. So the donation button for new pages will be gone from Katbox and new updates of Tina of the South will be achieved via Patreon.

The Tina of the South milestone is divided into two pieces. A $75 milestone that will pay for 2 updates of Tina of the South per month, and a $125 goal which will allow me to post every week. My plan is to have Tina of the South and The Eye of Ramalach alternate when at the $75 goal.

Thanks for reading guys!

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Hugo Arrambide García
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
An engineer that specialized in computer graphics at the UDEM. Spent a lot of time as a freelancer and i am currently working at Revista Indigo. I draw and make up stories for my characters as a hobby. I also have a webcomic i work with.

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Thanks! Those are some flattering word! ^^
Cenaris Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been going through Tina from the start again and I've noticed how much of an improvement you made through Huntress, especially in facial expressions and proportion. I probably havn't seen someone improve so well.
avencri Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot Cenaris! I am always trying to improve even if it is little by little. I still got a long way to go to be honest. ^^
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I completely concur. Keep it up with Tina!
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And now that I'm here and looking at the current webcam pic I can't help but think of Chalo's Lady Ambar standing smiling behind that sign and holding a little piece of paper or cardstock over that Don't on that sign.  Printed on that paper:  Do.
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